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"But you reach a point where you realize the other person isn't putting in as much effort as you are," she told in April, "I never thought I'd ever be divorced. "Mario and I have been through so much together," she wrote."Over the course of two decades, we raised a child together, traveled the world, built two homes, and supported one another through all four of our parents' deaths.

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Hoppy then became notorious for continuing to wear his wedding ring for months, a court battle ensued over custody and spousal support and the divorce wasn't finalized until 2016.

But once I started doing the show my life began to move in one direction and his in another.

The underlying foundation of our marriage began to shift, and I didn't realize he was unhappy until it was too late."As she told , she and Mario put any animosity aside for their daughter, Avery. Commenting on how she felt about Luann's then four-month-old marriage to Tom, whom she had dated, Ramona said, "She just wanted to get married.

"I feel strong that I stuck to what I know is right, as a person, as a woman, as a successful woman, as a woman who's made money in a recently new and short period of time, and married somebody who was not successful or had any relationship to fame.

And I learned a lot during that process, and I will not make the same choices again."I don't regret because I love my daughter," Frankel continued.

So let's just forget the whole Wives part of the equation and focus on the relationships that have run their course while the cameras were rolling."I told Luann I'm there for her whether this worked out or not and here I am," Sonja Morgan, who along with Ramona Singer previously dated D'Agostino and didn't the match, told E!

News after Luann confirmed Wednesday that the marriage was over.(Stefanov also claimed he was Bensimon's fiancé, but she denied they were engaged.) A misdemeanor assault charge was filed against her but a judge agreed to dismiss the case provided Bensimon perform community service and stay out of further trouble for a year. News after the issue was settled that she felt "threatened" by Stefanov in that incident."The thing that I didn't do, which I should have done, is call my doorman.Or I should have called the police," Bensimon recalled, saying that she had been trying to end the relationship at the time.Her eight-year marriage to Michael Wainstein dissolved into an ugly legal back-and-forth that included Jules claiming she caught Michael cheating (his lawyer denied it); Jules obtaining a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband; and Michael accusing Jules of having a drug problem (she maintains she was only in rehab to undergo treatment for an eating disorder) and going after sole custody."They were having issues before the show, but I think pressure from filming clearly put a strain the marriage," an insider told E!But at least she has a successful show; she's among friends (and frenemies); and she's hardly sailing the oft-choppy relationship waters alone.

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