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Following the repeated violations of the Polish constitution by the Russians, the 1830 November Uprising broke out.

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After Jazdów was raided by nearby clans and dukes, a new similar settlement was established on the site of a small fishing village called Warszowa.

The city is a significant centre of research and development, BPO, ITO, as well as of the Polish media industry.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange is the largest and most important in Central and Eastern Europe.

Warsaw flourished in the late 19th century under Mayor Sokrates Starynkiewicz (1875–92), a Russian-born general appointed by Tsar Alexander III.

Under Starynkiewicz Warsaw saw its first water and sewer systems designed and built by the English engineer William Lindley and his son, William Heerlein Lindley, as well as the expansion and modernisation of trams, street lighting and gas works.

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It was also ranked as one of the most liveable cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Warsaw is an alpha global city, a major international tourist destination and a significant cultural, political and economic hub.

According to one theory Warszawa means "belonging to Warsz", Warsz being a shortened form of the masculine name of Slavic origin Warcisław; see also etymology of Wrocław.

However the ending -awa is unusual for a big city; the names of Polish cities derived from personal names usually end in -ow/ew (e.g.

The German invasion in 1939, the massacre of the Jewish population and deportations to concentration camps led to the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 and to the major and devastating Warsaw Uprising between August and October 1944.