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There was one put on by a university student with excellent English at her home with her family who couldn’t speak a word of English but were so incredibly hospitable.Another mixed sightseeing with stops for street food.

I found it a great way to really see how the locals live and usually any topic was fair game, from religion to politics to culture.I talked to Ngan, the group’s administrator, who said, “Often visitors walk around without understanding much about what they’re seeing or about Vietnamese people”.For me, I find that more likely, the most interesting tidbits don’t come out of the commentary, but out of the impromptu discussions about religion, culture, ambitions and family.In honor of my staycation at the plush Park Royal this past weekend, I present some of my favorite quirky things to do in Saigon.Highest Tea I love that Saigon is still a transitional city.My favorite spot in the market is actually a room set one floor up, through an unmarked passageway in the south corner and up two flights of rickety stairs.

This is the market’s shrine where superstitious vendors lay flower offerings in front of the simian-like market god in hopes of a prosperous day.

Some hosts are professional guides but the majority are regular people who are willing to show you , including taking you on a tour, teaching a skill (cooking, pottery, jewelry making, etc.) or my favorite, just having you over for a homecooked meal.

I’ve been on a few With Locals meals and had a wonderful time.

It’s also a quiet, albeit dark, vantage point to look down on the buzzing aisles below.

I’ve never seen any foreigners here, but it’s technically not off limits. Three Regions, Countless Meals Vietnam’s three distinct regions yield a countless variety of dishes.

More developed than the neighboring capitals of Phnom Penh or Vientiane, but still years away from the monorails of Bangkok or the impressive skyline of Hong Kong.