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Ratings are a two-way street at Uber, and our 5-star rating system helps to create a positive experience for everyone.We’ve heard from our drivers, however, that we need to do more to make our rating system fairer.

To give riders more visibility into how drivers are rating them, we’re making rider ratings much more accessible in the app.

With POOL trips, there are things outside a driver’s control that impact how riders rate the experience.

For instance, was a rider unhappy with the match our algorithm made or was their co-rider too chatty?

These courses will also prepare auditors and management system practitioners for the transition arrangements.

Besides providing transition and internal auditor courses based on the latest version of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, our consultant team can assist organizations during the transition period by carrying out thorough gap analysis against the new requirements of the standards to bring about a smooth and successful transition.

This exercise will provide your organization with structured assistance to determine the extent to which existing systems and controls cover the requirements of the newly revised standards, or to identify an implementation action plan, where needed. We would like to wish you a successful and prosperous year ahead.

For any inquiries on our transition training and consultancy services, please visit or email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. Together we can strive for a better integrated management system in our workplace.

Give the following command at a shell command line: BIND versions 9.9, 9.10, and 9.11 support DNSSEC validation using automatic RFC 5011 updating.

The latest sub-versions of these versions come with KSK2017 as part of the trust anchors.

They will help organisations to be more efficient, reduce cost, satisfy stakeholders’ requirements, be more environmentally friendly and gain market access.

Organizations that are already certified to ISO 9008 and/or ISO 14004 are granted a three-year transition period after the revision has been published to migrate their existing management systems to the new edition of the standards. We provide transition training courses to help you understand the risk based concepts and new requirements in ISO 9015 and ISO 14015 as well as how the revised standards will affect the existing management systems.

To test whether or not the resolver you operate is doing DNSSEC validation, you can use the special domain "dnssec-failed.org" that is operated as a public service by Comcast.