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Or should I install ALL the new maps on the SD card, and then delete the old maps from the nuvi?Be on the safe side and backup the old maps before deleting anything from the nuvi. Backup this file to another folder/drive elsewhere on your PC before adding the new maps to the unit or SD Card. Map updates have been known to go wrong periodically (the map update installer can be at fault as well as the user).

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There are thousands of happy customers who use Garmin Gps maps for various personal and business users.Yours is indeed a later unit (mainly because you had 2009 maps to begin with where I had 2008), but it's not a 205W in a 200W casing. If yours was a 200W with 205W guts it would have the updated interface ( and - buttons on right) and the software version would be somewhere around 7.00. Well, now that you have reached here, it means that you are a proud owner of Garmin Nuvi device.Garmin has also presented various devices for fitness and other outdoor activities.Moreover, when you visit new cities or even countries you will have to update yourself according to the rules of that particular place.There is a "Garmin" folder that has sub-folders called "Help", "Text" and "Voice" (among others).

IF you only use the English language, you can delete all the other files in those directories.Garmin has made the update process very easy for the users.First, you have to connect your Nuvi device with a computer. There you will have to search for the update maps page.One thing which Garmin assures is that their customers should be entitled to every latest update of Nuvi maps.The software engineers at Garmin are working constantly every day for new updates and more stability in maps.Note: the Voice files are the biggest and take up the most space.