Teen dating violence cases

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Teen dating violence cases - rakkaus miesten dating nainen fi

Many adult and teenage perpetrators and victims alike have trouble identifying their own abusive relationship.“There is an array of emotions in a relationship between two people, all kinds of emotions, and it’s acceptable and understood,” said Marta Pelaéz, president and CEO of local nonprofit Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

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Bearing witness to violence on a regular basis makes it psychologically difficult for many victims to leave their aggressors.

Technology, Pelaéz said, has made it easier to engage in acts of abuse and, in some cases, surveillance of partners.

“In the case of abuse, (social media) is a constant,” she said.

“It offers the opportunity for more frequent controlling behaviors.” Demanding access to someone’s private text messages, emails, or social media accounts is a form of abuse – a violation of privacy that may seem innocuous at first to many teenagers.

But those controlling behaviors can escalate and eventually lead to complete isolation of the victim from family and friends. Jealousy is a common, yet confusing, element in abusive teenage relationships, Pelaéz said.

There are many reasons why, but teen dating violence is often different from violence in adult relationships.

“When it comes to adult domestic violence, about 90% of domestic violence is perpetrated by men onto women,” Pelaéz said.As they grow up, children learn “how to conduct (themselves) socially and otherwise” from their parents and their environments, Pelaéz said.If a girl has watched her own mother endure abuse all of her life, then the girl’s role as a victim is reinforced early on.It is often difficult to part with that behavior as a child grows older.“When the little girl grows up and she’s in her teen years and finds a partner, she will seek to match her skills with those of a person who has adopted to the counterpart skills (of abuse).City officials believe violence is a public health concern, though more often treated as a crime and safety issue.

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