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On the other hand, why run around in public making a show of it?

‘On the face of it, the uniforms of the people in the videos are consistent with US mercs - they don't look like Russian soldiers mercs.

The protest action appeared in response to the promotion of sex tours in Kyiv by Azerbaijan airlines.

The advertisement encourages hot Azerbaijan machos […] FEMEN receives the Liber Press Catalunya Price 2017 “for it’s simultaneously peaceful, courageous, original, bold, provocative, effective, serious and amusing protests, through which it denounces the excesses of religions, machismo, anti-democratic politicians, conservatism, good customs and […] Today FEMEN sent to Russian dictator Putin a congratulations on his anniversary from Kyiv .

With the outbreak of the Iraq war in 2003 the company's operations expanded and its revenue mushroomed, but a string of controversial killings by its personnel led to a rebranding, first to Xe and then to Academi, its current name.

Technically they are a multinational company and can by hired by anyone, but the board of directors includes a number of U. establishment figures including John Ashcroft, the former Attorney General, and former NSA chief Bobby Ray Inman.

A screengrab from a You Tube video showing armed men on the streets of Donetsk, a largely Russian-speaking city in east Ukraine which has been the scene of large protests against the country's new regime The context of the videos is not clear, but it appears that the armed men had turned up at a street protest against the new regime.

They wander around brandishing their weapons before suddenly fleeing the scene as passers-by shout 'Blackwater! ' Both the videos which purport to show 'Blackwater' mercenaries in Donetsk were uploaded last Monday, with their descriptions written in Russian.FEMEN Monroe performed a congratulatory song in honor of the dictator’s birthday.On the birthday of Russian dictator Vladimir […] We, FEMEN, have transformed our bodies from masculine pleasure instruments into feminist political instruments.I was a long time member of one of the sister sites of Ukraine Date, Afro, while I was living in both Mauritius and South Africa as an expatriate.I used their Brazilian site, Brazil when I was in Brazil and actually ended up meeting my wife on there.Interfax reported that the diplomat did not disclose the nationalities of the mercenaries but said, 'Most of them come from the United States'.