Rules for dating a triathlete

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Rules for dating a triathlete - Dating sexy girls sim

First, visualize triathlon training in the shape of a triangle.

The Woman Triathlete, by Christina Gandolfo, is another top women’s triathlete book. The Danskin Women’s Triathlon series, as well as the Iron Girl series represent the growing interest in women’s triathlon events. When it comes to gear, there are all sorts of women’s-specific tri apparel and gear ranging from Triathlon Training Tips For Women (And Men) Triathlon does cover a wide range of considerations because it encompasses 3 sports: swimming, cycling, and running.

Since 1989, the competitive sport of triathlon has been governed on a global level by the International Triathlon Union (ITU), which crowns world champions every year in 70 different race categories (including junior, under 23, elite and paratriathlon) and age groups (from 16 to 84-year-olds) [source: ITU].

There are also 120 National Federations that partner with ITU, including USA Triathlon, the sanctioning body for all American professional and amateur races.

Because of the highly competitive and physically intense nature of the sport, the ITU and USA Triathlon have established lengthy and detailed rules to make sure that all sanctioned races are safe, fair and fun for all participants.

Like athletes who compete in other organized sports, triathlon participants are assessed penalties for violating any of the published rules.

Athletes begin with a 2.4 mile swim – sometimes an open ocean swim like the Ironman World Championships this weekend in Kona, Hawaii; sometimes a lake or river swim as in Switzerland and Austria.

With a quick transition, you jump onto your bike and get pedalling on the 112 mile cycle segment, and then finish the day (hopefully! The name trivialises it a little, as 'the run' is actually a regulation length marathon – 26.2 miles of running after you've already covered well over 100 miles.

It’s likely that the 2008 Summer Olympics will spark more interest.

There are an increasing number of triathlon resources just for women.

Other obscure rules include: "Indecent exposure/public nudity may result in a disqualification", "Neoprene or any other swim booties are prohibited" and the curious inclusion of not two, but three penalty cards.

Yellow is a 'Stop-and-Go' time penalty, blue is a 5-minute addition to your overall time, and red is disqualification.

Find one or two other women who will train and compete with you.