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The character was introduced as a new junior doctor who would be mentored by registrar Lily Chao (Crystal Yu).Halfpenny had previously appeared on the show as a separate guest character so was familiar with the show.

Alicia is a "typical junior doctor" and very talented at her job which shows when she starts working.The episode was centric to Alicia and Halfpenny voiceovered the episode.She described it as "high drama" where viewers discover more about Alicia.In the episode, a child in Alicia's care goes missing, but in her search for the child, she is forced to treat a seriously injured man, who is being followed by his partner's violent father, in the back of a van.Halfpenny explained that Alicia realises "the true depths of the job" when in the van.Despite this, Alicia is a brilliant doctor who always does more than is acceptable for her patients.

Alicia's backstory states that she has grown up in Newcastle where she attended medical school, but recently moved to Holby.

Alicia Munroe is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Casualty, played by Chelsea Halfpenny.

She first appeared in the series thirty episode "Cradle to Grave", broadcast on 19 September 2015.

Nine months later, in August 2016, Halfpenny reprised the role and said she felt "so excited and humbled" to return.

Her parents were introduced following her reintroduction to explore the issue of how separation can affect adults.

Lily’s way more advanced as a doctor than Alicia, but she’s distracted with her personal life at the minute." Halfpenny's initial stint on the show revolved around a storyline which saw her bullied by her mentor Lily.

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