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They decided to meet in the bathroom one evening, in an encounter which she says was complicated.

One woman said she ended up fathering two children with her brother and they all live happily, while others say they've been mentally scarred by their forbidden encounters.

Whatever the political situation, if we respect an adult’s right to engage freely in sexual acts with other consenting adults, it’s not clear why we draw a line based on genetics.

It's one of the biggest sexual taboos, and one that's outlawed around the world.

However, neither one feels the other was violated in the sense of calling it rape. Firstly, the old, tired argument that “It’s not natural”.

This argument must, like cancers and earthquakes, disappear from our planet.

We can’t rely on repugnance to justify our social policies, since our repugnance is simply that: our own.

Besides which, people are repulsed by different things – and we cannot leave it up to the whims of our emotions to implement policies and laws which could, unnecessarily, cause suffering to other people, as is the case with gay people, women, and indeed the current brother-and-sister couple."It took over 10 years for me to finally go to him and ask for forgiveness, and to my surprise he wasn't mad at all.It was a huge relief, and he and I aren't awkward around each other anymore." One man said he had sex with his sister when he was 17 and she was 14, and immediately felt scared, ashamed and confused.They ended up with an "incredibly religious and overprotective" couple who homeschooled them and rarely let them leave the house."Both he and I went for months without any sexual release and barely any contact with the opposite sex outside of each other," she wrote, recalling when she was 15 and her brother was 14.Thirdly, and oddly, people exclaim it’s “just” repugnant.