Pcos dating site

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Pcos dating site

In women with PCOS, androgen levels are often elevated.

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It might be worth speaking to your GP to see if you can get some kind of treatment. No topical product will stop your spots as its a hormonal imbalance that caused them and so only things that adjust the hormones can make a real difference.

I even managed to switch to the dermalogica tinted moisturiser. I ususally have one or two of the products as birthday/christmas presents as they last for ages.

Give it go and you will wish you had tried it years ago! Can i just ask kelly a quick question - the dermalogica stuff has been at the back of my mind, but can i just ask if you have PCOS?

This passage explains why topical treatments can work..are antibiotics which kill the bacteria that 'flourish', therefore reducing the problem. All the products are gorgeous to use & last quite a long time. I was given Clomid, didn't take it & then fell pregnant after a few months of taking it. But in terms of skincare find a product that works with the rest of your skin, make sure you keep as clean as possible and always take your makeup off carefully to prevent worse breakouts I highly recommend that you try Agnus Castus and Coenzyme Q10 taken together to help with the hormone imbalance.

I'm not saying it will work for everyone as everyone is different, but I have successfully used topical treatments for years (as can't take the pill i.e. It really worked for me, I lost weight and my skin rapidly improved within 4weeks of starting these suppliments ( I was also pg within 3mths of starting them after being told I would definitely need IVF to have children).

I now use aqueous to remove my eye make-up and then Simple face wash to clean.

After my skin is clean, I apply my spot stuff (currently Duac) and then when that's sunk in a bit, I use Olay regenerist Daily serum which is really light but also silky!

Mostly on my chin (sometimes felt as though I have them on top of each other).

Unfortunately I found that nothing skin care wise helped for me as the spots were all due to my hormones.

When I was first diagnosed (5 ish years a go) I went on Dianette oral contraception which helped balance out my hormones and made it all die down and it was never a problem.

I however am suffering from massive flare ups now that I am pregnant with my first - I've abandoned all hope of being a glamorous pregnant woman!

I had a facial and bought the ultra calming cleanser, the daily micro exfoliant and then the moisturiser - i have never looked back.

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