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No credit card video sex dating sites in srilanka

Gunaratne smashed the first delivery over fine leg to collect a boundary, after which the batsmen collected two singles off the next two deliveries.

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By this method of eliminating ‘ghost’ beneficiaries the District Administration saved Rs. Aadhaar identity ensured effective targeting, increased transparency and enhanced accountability, while delivering payments.As fate would have it, Bangladesh lost the three wickets off the last three deliveries and handed over an unbelievable one-run win to India.In June 2009, Nandan Nilekani, a businessman and entrepreneur, co-founder of the famed, computer services and software giant, Infosys, was given Cabinet status and appointed to run the scheme.Five social assistance programs were also selected.An agreement was entered into with a bank for the management of the cash and disbursement of cash to the beneficiaries on proof of identity through Aadhaar.It is envisaged that the system will be used by central, state and local government bodies and enterprises in India, to swiftly confirm the cardholder’s identity for a variety of purposes, such as collecting revenue, customs and tariff, dispensing welfare, issuing passports, updating land records, registration of births and marriages, etc., the existing data bases of 800 million income tax payers, 200 million account holders in public and private banks, 500 million mobile phone users, 600 million Indians who have election voting cards, Indian passport holders and PDS card holders (equivalent to our Samurdhi).

The unique number will be included in all other documents where identity is critical for instant certification and checking.

Mumbai: Sri Lanka produced a stunning performance to beat South Africa by 5 wickets in the third T20I in Cape Town to clinch the series 2-1.

While the Asian team batted excellently to chase down a total of 170 in 20 overs, but the match will be forever remembered for Asela Gunaratne’s premature celebration.

Before the Aadhaar card, in which all relevant data is recorded, a widow to draw her pension entitlement had to provide documents to establish her identity, prove that her husband was dead, prove her address and age, month after month.

The Aadhaar card has all this information embedded and can be checked in real time, online, using the Aadhaar data base on its servers.

While the Government of India is responsible for procurement, storage, transportation and bulk allocation of food grains under the PDS, the state governments are responsible for the allocation and identification of families below the poverty line (BPL), issue of ration card and supervision and monitoring of FPSs.