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She had received training in dancing from Mumtaz Ali, dancer-actor and father of the famous comedian Mehmood.Suraiya in her heyday was known as 'Malika-e-Husn' (queen of beauty), 'Malika-e-Tarannum' (queen of melody) and 'Malika-e-Adakaari' (queen of acting), all rolled into one. Later, from 1942 onwards, when she started singing for films as a 12 year old, her school principal Miss P. Patuck told her father not to let her be absent from school during school days.

Join free online chat rooms and chat with friends, meet new people and more.During the premiere of Bari Behen, there was a very large crowd outside the cinema hall and the police had to baton-charge when Suraiya was walking into the hall.People even pulled at her clothes, so that after that, Suraiya stopped going to the premieres of her films.She was the most popular singing star of the Indian sub-continent of her generation.Until 1943, as a child singer, Suraiya did playback singing for one actress, namely Mehtab, in three films, and also in some of her own films for her roles as a child artiste. She had a natural talent for singing, acting and dancing from childhood.After this, she only sang for her own films as an actress, and acted as a heroine from 1946 until the end of her career in 1963. She received basic training in music when her mother used to take her to a Hindustani music teacher or 'masterji' for training.

From 1948 to 1951, she became the singing superstar of Bollywood, earning more for her performances than each the performing actors of the times, male or female, including Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Nargis and Madhubala. She first sang for a children's program for All India Radio in 1937.In a career spanning from 1936 till 1963, Suraiya sang 338 songs in films (which were mostly her own films) and 2 in addition were non-film songs, namely, 'tum rahe kahan ko piya' and 'hum tum karenge pyar'. She sang for Mehtab in three films in 1942–43 and also acted and sang in a few films as a child artist. Later in life, Raju Bharatan wrote extensively about Suraiya in his books, while Raj Kapoor was her hero in one of her films; Dastan (1950), and Madan Mohan composed music for her film Khubsoorat (1952).She acted in 67 movies, which do not include the incomplete films such as Jaanwar (with Dilip Kumar), Paagal Khaana with Bharat Bhushan and an Indo-British film on Wajid Ali Shah (1953) being directed by British director, Herbert Marshall, with Ashok Kumar in the role of Wajid Ali Shah. In her childhood, Raju Bharatan (a few years younger to her who later became a famous music and sports writer, critic and correspondent), actor Raj Kapoor and composer Madan Mohan (both a few years older) were her neighbourhood friends. made her debut as a child artist in Madam Fashion in 1936 as Miss Suraiya, along with Nargis as Baby Rani.After three hits; Pyar Ki Jeet (1948), Bari Behen (1949) and Dillagi (1949), she became the highest paid film star, earning 1-2 lakhs rupees per film, when male actors got much less.When Pyar Ki Jeet was released, it caused large crowds outside Suraiya's house that had to be controlled by posting an inspector and four constables.Raj Kapoor and Madan Mohan both used to sing with her on A. R.(All India Radio), when she was a six-year-old girl. The film was directed by Jaddan Bai, mother of Nargis, with Jaddan Bai herself as heroine, and the music and songs were also written and sung by her.