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"When I was trying to find out who the new rappers are, this was the only interview that I would ever find with people," Rosenberg says.

"When I started that, it was a pay cut for sure," Grandmaison says, "but it was almost exactly like scamming." Quickly, he hit upon an online model for communicating his fandom that paved the way for No Jumper."I feel like I'm stuck in a perpetual adolescent state," Grandmaison says. "This was also the point when my mom made me stop watching wrestling – I was getting in a lot of fights, even when I was in first and second grade – and I remember her just being like, ' You're not allowed to watch this shit anymore.' I remember finding Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre, and it just appealed to me so much." His mother had to worry about him a lot.It's awesome seeing someone who's knowledgeable about it and passionate.[No Jumper] feels small, but it reaches a shitload of people."Grandmaison and Rosenberg prepare for the interview, as the crew set up the cameras and lone spotlight. It's Grandmaison at his best, letting the interview feel more like a hangout session between two rap nerds going deep on all the topics that excite them."We went to some mall, and he bought me fucking fettuccine Alfredo on somebody else's credit card.

I was like, ' All right, fuck school.' I just went crazy after that."Along the way, he assumed that the trappings of a conventional life – regular job, even an apartment – weren't for him.Soon, employees and friends start convening, catching up on the wild party they attended the night before and setting up for the arrival of Grandmaison's guest, Peter Rosenberg, the influential Hot 97 DJ whose career inspired Adam to turn his hip-hop fandom into a living. "Hey, you remember those two girls from that podcast? "I so could have had a threesome last night, but I was so freakin' geeked out of my mind and didn't feel like trying it." His pals give him shit, accusing him of wimping out for fear of displeasing his girlfriend, social-media celebrity Lena Nersesian (a.k.a. Grandmaison tries to play it off, but he admits, "It's, like, you want to fuck other girls just to prove to yourself that you have no feelings, but then when you kinda do have feelings, it's like, ' Aw, fuck …'" He agonizes over what might have been.Dressed in a black T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, Grandmaison is feeling the aftereffects of the evening's shenanigans. "At one point, I had my door closed in my room and they were smoking cigarettes out the window," he says, almost wistfully."I'm sitting on the bed and both their asses are right there.I was thinking, ' I need to just grab their asses and start rubbing their pussies and this could totally get cracking right now.' But I just did not have it in me..." Sipping from a Starbucks to-go cup, Grandmaison sits back in his chair and hops around Sound Cloud and You Tube sampling different hip-hop tracks.When Rosenberg arrives, he's treated with warm hugs and fist-bumps.

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