Lufkin nude

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Lufkin nude

Some of Hammond's friends, including Camille Gerharter (right) and Jared Parsons (center), celebrate with him in the seventh-floor courtroom.

Several times a day, a creaky water truck makes the rounds of the camp, a peace sign painted on the back.Anytime you come in contact with anyone in authority here, if you look like us, you're in the wrong from the beginning.'' Texas had made it clear that it did not want the Rainbow Family here this year.The Department of Public Safety and the United States Forest Service had gone to court to prevent the event, citing last year's meeting in North Carolina, where 15,000 Rainbows trampled the land and half of them reportedly came down with dysentery. Bill Clements said that he would be happy if the group did not come ''within 1,000 miles'' of his state, and Senator Phil Gramm threatened to call out the National Guard to patrol the gathering.''We came to Texas as a statement, to show we could go anywhere,'' said Westside Jim, who hails from Oregon but currently works in a soup kitchen in Houston.''Some of the family was scared of coming to Texas.This year they flocked to the forests of conservative East Texas, and the culture shock worked both ways.

''These people are no-good hippies and we should run them out of town,'' said James Stone, a resident of nearby Lufkin, who had arrived by pleasure boat to stare at the Rainbows.She has found such satisfaction in this project that she has brought her white wedding dress to the gathering and plans to ''marry the garbage.'' But there is more to this gathering than just taking out the trash.Perhaps the most popular area of the camp is the mud flats, where the Sam Rayburn Reservoir meets the shore.With temperatures of 101 throughout the site and humidity at 97 percent, swimming is the best way to keep cool.After a swim, many family members coat their naked bodies with thick red mud, spiking their hair with it, then stand in the sun waiting to dry. Hundreds of Rainbows form a circle, holding hands and chanting.A bystander recorded the episode, which unfolded at p.m.

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