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Then, everyone goes around and reads their values out loud, discussing why they chose them and ordered them the way they did. To put one value above another when there are several that mean the world to you is somewhat agonizing.

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You will soon be thrown into a hypothetical scenario where you'll need your best attributes to survive and thrive.However, when this question was posed on an online discussion forum, someone came up with an answer that got more kudos than any other, and, while bizarre, is kind of brilliant.I don't want to spoil it for you, but if you're ready to hear it, it's upside-down at the bottom of this page.For this activity, you'll want to print out copies of the list of values and hand them out to everyone in the group, along with pens or the easiest game to play on this list, and it has the unique distinction of being able to teach you things about anyone, even people you've known for years.When I play this game with my wife—which we do all the time—I always hear myself say, "I never knew that about you! The way it works is that someone picks a word at random.Then, the group is broken up into teams, and a number of scenarios are presented (e.g.

"You have been captured by a wild tribe and sentenced to certain death.").All who are willing to pay that price to win the item raise their hand.The item's price keeps rising as long as people continue to bid against each other by raising their hands.My wife and I made up this group game which involves giving people currency—poker chips or Monopoly money—and allowing them to bid on a number of life attributes (e.g.a happy marriage, fabulous wealth, political power).Each team has to use the attributes its members won in the auction to argue why they would be the most successful in that particular scenario.