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He and his partner Jim have been living in un-wedded bliss since 1995.. In addition to his work at Pop Matters, he also contributes to The Untitled Magazine-Online Edition and and is a staff writer for Screen Prism: The Hub for Film & TV Analysis."I wrote the screenplay and no studio wanted to make it," Carpenter once said. Josh Hodges explains that after the first couple of weeks on tour with STRFKR, doing soundcheck before a show is a walk in the park.

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Sheriff Mars accused Duncan's powerful father Jake (Kyle Secor), only to be run out of office when another man confessed.Neptune is nearly as specific a location as Sunnydale.A microcosm of "The Two Americas" named in recent political rhetoric, the town is divided between the prestigious 90909 zip code and the humble shot-gun neighborhoods on the other side of town.She has no friends outside of her father, but does have plenty of contacts willing her help her.No longer a victim, Veronica now takes care of herself. Conceivably, all this information could be provided in a brief voiceover at the start of the first episode.The motivation behind this restructuring won't be noble, a mighty quest for justice.

It will result from a desire to achieve some dignity in a social structure rigged against you.

Equal parts intrigue, drama, and humor, Veronica Mars is also a lesson book for the disenfranchised.

Few tv series aim so high; even fewer succeed so well.

She understands that she can't overthrow Neptune's social strata instantly.

In the series premiere, Veronica befriends Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III), a new kid at school who has tangled with a local motorcycle gang.

Her attempt to report the crime was met with derision and laughter from the new sheriff, Don Lamb (Michael Muhney).