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Soon after they split up he went on to perform in bands such as Dead Front and Stone Sour; the latter which he joined in 1995, and returned to along with vocalist Corey Taylor, during its revival in 2002.

Of Slipknot's nine member lineup which lasted between 1999 to 2010, Root was the last to join the band.

He has a touch Fender Telecaster as well as a touch Stratocaster to his name, and he also notably plays a Flathead guitar with EMG 81/60 pickups.

Before joining Slipknot, Root was a busboy, waiter, and display printer.

and if you really love, distance is just about number.

prior to his endorsement deal with fender, root had been seen using prs, jackson, charvel, and maverick electric guitars, and guild and martin acoustic guitars as well as a wide range of effect pedals and amplifiers.

Despite this, the song has become a staple for most of the band's live performances.

Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor invited Root to join the band based on Taylor's past experiences working with him in Stone Sour.Sadly, these boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives (the latter two are more common for some reason) will sometimes attract that insidious form of Die for Our Ship Fan Dumbness known as Yoko Oh No. A Creator Couple, on the other hand, is the nice, happy opposite to the Yoko Oh No - a trope for the times the opposite happens, when said love interest has something good to contribute to the entertainer's work, and sometimes becomes a key part of said work (but this is not strictly necessary all of the time for the trope), said love interest has his/her own talents and isn't just a useless Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend, and cooler heads prevail and the fandom embraces said love interest without the whole Die for Our Ship bitching.One major downside to this arrangement is that if the couple's romantic relationship ends, the professional relationship usually dies along with it, though there are some exceptions.root typically performed lead guitar in stone sour, although he sometimes played rhythm.slipknot and stone sour, root has appeared on slipknot turntablist sid wilson's dj starscream album the new leader and john 5's the devil knows my name, for the song "black widow of la porte", and also appeared on the roadrunner united project, performing the solo and harmony guitars on "tired 'n lonely" from the project's album the all-star sessions.He has recorded ten albums with Slipknot and seven with Stone Sour.

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