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-- during the trippy time-travel series' third season, which premieres Friday, May 19.Initially, Hampshire thought showrunner Terry Matalas would struggle to top the clever convergence of two Jennifers, but the opposite was true when she read the script for the third season's premiere episode."Who else gets to be in the 1920s doing, basically, a Katy Perry video? MORE: Here's What the Cast of 'Home Alone' Looks Like 25 Years Later Hampshire says she's already crestfallen over the series' end, set for 2018 with the show's fourth season.

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"I knew I would get bored just playing the same thing all the time, and this is like the ideal situation.

It's like being in the best relationship -- but it's an open relationship!

It's funny, though: The actress, who's currently pulling double duty on two wildly different shows,originally had little interest in a regular TV gig.

"I actually never thought I wanted to do a series," she says." Trevor & Marie"I winked at Tony and he got straight back to me.We met for a coffee and it felt like the most natural thing in the world.We are a completely safe, secure and confidential older dating agency. Older Dating online is an easy way to meet single seniors over 50 in Hampshire, you may be looking for friendship or to start your senior dating experience or just want to know more about Older Dating online.If this is your first look into dating for the over 50s then we have everything you need to get started.Weve gone from fortnightly meetings, to seeing each other every few days." Bryan & Rachel"Ernie contacted me first and I liked the look of this profile.

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