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The Quran is, I believe, similarly lacking in historical credentials: it mistakes the son bound by Abraham in Genesis 22 as Ishmael when it was Isaac; it mistakes the woman who found Moses in the bulrushes as Pharaoh’s wife, when the Exodus account says it was his daughter.And, of course, it manages to deny altogether the historicity of Jesus’ crucifixion.

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(This last example is a real one, odd as that sounds.) If it says, “The sky is not blue, but green”, then the sky is green.

I couldn't let the season pass by completely unmarked, so I created these little models you can use to decorate your cubicle or workstation.

The templates I have provided are blank - colouring them by hand saves expensive printer-ink, and allows your creativity to flow. Glue the triangular tabs, and fold into shape - each tab glues under the next quadrilateral. As with the coffin, it needs decorating before making, either by hand, or with your image software. All the dotted lines need creasing the same way, and the whole thing folds, fist-like, into a stereotypical tombstone shape.

If it was an educated historian who suggested such a thing, there might be a further request for sources.

But a school boy, without prior historical credentials, would correctly be written off as not knowing what he was talking about.

At the same time, it also depends on the mail-man - my contact lenses arrive in a good strong rectangular box, which happens to be a fraction of an inch thicker that the height of my letter-box.

Our usual postie pretty well mashes the box to get it through the hole.

All the world but them may see it differently, but will be written off as colour-blind, for the sky must be green.

When dealing with the fundamentalist, argument is unavailing.

These elementary errors of historical fact do nothing to establish the Quran’s historical reliability.

It seems clear that it was written by a brilliant story-teller who had only a passing and inaccurate knowledge of Jewish and Christian traditions.

Recently I began what I hope will become a dialogue with a fundamentalist.