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The artwork depicts non-human beings, hunters, and half-human half-animal hybrids.The half-human hybrids are believed to be medicine men or healers involved in a healing dance.” Gall writes, “The Laurens van der Post panel at Tsodilo is one of the most famous rock paintings.” High on this rock face in Botswana is the image of a “magnificent red eland bull” painted, according to Van der Post, “only as a Bushman who had a deep identification with the eland could have painted him.” Also on this rock face is a female giraffe that is motionless, as if alarmed by a predator.

Everyone is the same; one is not more elaborate or more detailed than another.Rock art gives us a glimpse of the San’s history, and how they lived their lives.San also used rock art to record things that happened in their lives.Kwa Zulu-Natal's rich blend of cultures and traditions have had a marked influence on the food of the Province.Eclectic delights include Indian curries and spices from the local eastern spice markets, British traditional meat pies, Zulu "KZN" is very much a tourist destination that has something for everyone.There are some 20,000 individual rock paintings that have been recorded at 500 different caves and over-hanging cliff sites between the Drakensberg Royal Natal National Park and Bushman’s Nek.

Due to the materials used in their production, these paintings are difficult to date but there is now anthropological evidence, including many hunting implements, that suggest the San people existed in the Drakensberg at least 40,000 years ago, and possibly even as much as 100,000.He says, “They usually used red rock, which they ground until it was fine, and then mixed it with fat.” They then rubbed this on the rock to form the pictures.This paint that they used withstands the rain and weather for very long periods of time. Tobias, an Honorary Professor of Palaeoanthropology at the Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research, used this paint in four different styles. Rudner, writers of the journal “Who Were the Artists?When they did rain dances they would go into a trance to “capture” one of these animals.In their trance they would kill it, and its blood and milk became the rain.The most easily accessible rock art site with some of the best preserved examples of bushman rock art is at Game Pass Shelter in the Central Drakensberg at Kamberg. Glass doors open onto a wooden deck with hammock chairs and a spectacular view.

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