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It was afternoon, and the tanning beachgoers faced west, toward the wall of concrete buildings lining the boulevard, to catch the sun, ignoring the beautiful sea.I swam alone in the water, attracting the attention of two bystanders near the shore.

Remember, preaching is a means of grace only as the preacher repeats the Word he has received from God. ), the church never stops receiving its redemption and its identity from the living voice of God.

While Roman Catholics believe the apostolic office still continues today in the church’s hierarchy, Protestants argue that the church’s preaching and teaching ministry no longer lays the foundation built once and for all by the prophets and apostles (Eph. There is a qualitative difference between binding apostolic tradition (see, e.g., 1 Cor. ) and the fallible traditions of the covenant community—even its leadership (Mark 7:1–13).

Faithful tradition belongs to the Spirit’s illumination, not to inspiration.

We both felt the immediate spark, and as time went on, we realized that our bond had grown into love.

Other than with Clare, I had never felt love blossom this way before.

Thus, creeds and confessions carry a subordinate authority to Scripture, as faithful summaries of Scripture’s overarching (its testimony to the triune God and his ways, centering in the gospel of Christ).

The witness of the church serves Scripture’s authority rather than establishes it. The church did not create the canon through ecclesiastical power; it recognized these particular writings as the authoritative Word of God.

I knew he was somebody I would enjoy getting to know.

We were decades apart in age with far different professional interests, yet we clicked.

By speaking the law, God silences and convicts us; by speaking the gospel, he justifies and renews us. Although private prayer and meditation on Scripture is crucial to the Christian life, God’s saving action is public and social from the outset—creating genuine community in Christ by the Spirit, rather than merely an aggregate of individuals who have decided to come together for excitement or convenience.

While everything that God speaks is true, useful, and powerful, only the gospel of God’s mercy in Christ gives life (Rom. The Word heard in preaching and visibly signified and sealed in the sacraments creates and sustains the community, as those who are called out of themselves to God and one another.

The sufficiency of Scripture is inseparable from its clarity.

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