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Dating in turkiye - accommodating synonym

zingy : Doh and btw eating yogurt and garlic in the same meal will make most people VERY sleepy First of all, Westerners calling yogurt "yogurt" does not mean it is invented by Turks or Turkey, as we Iranians have our own name (i.e.Mast) for something that the Turks would call "yogurt".

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Your post brought back nice memories from my parents home many years ago. We call it Cacik in Turkiye and I am so sorry but it's a Turkish traditional food. Long ago, Turkish people invented the yogurt and there is just one Turkish word is used so far by everybody on the world. Of course Cacik is also a Turkish traditiononal food. "There is evidence of cultured milk products being produced as food for at least 4,500 years.

Check for example the Safavid empire (the last great dynasty in Iran) Turkey being around for 1000 years is also a bit wrong.

Turkey has been around for 85 years, but Turkic empires (including the Ottoman Empire) and tribes are known to have left writings dating back as far as the 8th century AD.

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