Dating antique furniture hinges

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The only building with hinges mentioned in the Old Testament was King Solomon’s elaborate temple (likely gold-plated sockets for solid gold doors).[5] Many examples of stone sockets have been found from Babylonian and Assyrian temples as well.A large bronze Egyptian hinge dated to about 760-650 BC—about 15 inches high and 8 inches long—is also thought to have adorned a temple.

Stanley’s Bolt Manufactory (predecessor to the modern Stanley Works) founded in 1843 in New Britain, CT, was initially famous for making T-hinges more efficiently and then won a patent for hinges with ball bearings in 1899.

Excavated by James Mellaart in the early 1960s, the site has been widely recognised as of unique international significance.

It is one of the first urban centres in the world (at 7400BC) and it has the first wall paintings and mural art.

The city was surrounded by giant stone walls with openings that apparently had equally giant wooden doors that swung open on pivots set in large stone sockets.[4]Such hinges were probably not available to the average homeowner in ancient times.

The earliest known hinges were for important public and sacred buildings.

Old nails were handmade, square and often had beaten heads and were generally uneven in appearance; whilst modern nails (post circa 1880) are mass produced and uniform.

Look for a blackened area of wood around corroded iron nails.Even as the Jamestown settlers tried to reduce their reliance on British iron, they continued to import hardware such as hinges over a decade after the colony’s founding.Blacksmithing was among the most popular occupations in the later colonies, thanks to ongoing needs for domestic hardware, including hinges.Always look for worn components in the right places, take your time to check the piece carefully and look for signs of use on the base of the feet, drawer runners, chair rail stretchers and any area of potential wear. Email: [email protected] normal opening hours are Monday To Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm and Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm.Are the 'Pin' and the'Tail' a different size and shape from each other, if they are identical then the joint may have been manufactured by an automated process. Fast forward to life in the American colonies, and hinges as we know them had become ubiquitous.