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At the foot of the highest peak of the Pálava Hills – Děvín – is the winemaking village of Pavlov, which since the 13th century has been the site of Děvičky Castle.

Past Mikulov you connect up again with the Mikulov Wine Trail (also Euro Velo 9 and 13), which takes you to the village of Sedlec, where you turn onto bike route No. For all lovers of good coffee, but also of good food and drink, a stop in Klentnice on your way between Pavlov and Mikulov is a must.

Words cannot describe the feeling you’ll get when you sit down in front of one of the small wine cellars above Dolní Dunajovice and look around.

To the south, you’ll see a curve on horizon created by the majestic towers of the Mikulov Chateau, continuing with the ruins of a watchtower above the town and the rugged contours of limestone rocks, which from the fortifications of the medieval castle Děvičky then drop down to the water surface of the Nové Mlýny (New Mills) reservoir system.

In Pavlov be sure to fortify yourself before tackling the hilly stretch of road between Pavlov and Klentnice.

Then it’s almost entirely downhill to the medieval town of Mikulov.

It is a certain Venus of Věstonice, a female of plump form whose statue was made by a mammoth hunter some 30,000 years ago.

Prehistoric humans settled below the Pálava hills because of the area’s rich natural resources; from the slopes of the limestone hills migrating herds of mammoths could be observed, and the rivers provided an abundance of fish.

41 and follow the flat terrain along the upper edge of the Nesyt pond until you reach the Border Chateau on the banks of another one of Lednice’s ponds. Right next to the church you’ll find a beautifully renovated historical rectory, which now houses a stylish café and restaurant as well as a small coffee museum.

Enjoy a cup of espresso with one of the locally renowned home-made cakes or a There aren’t many places in the Czech Republic that can boast such a beautiful and diverse landscape as the Pálava Hills, with their snow-white rocks, springtime mosaic of blooming steppes and vineyards spanning across sun-drenched hillsides.

On hot days you can cool down with a tour of the Turold Cave.

Also worth a tour is the Mikulov Chateau and the Jewish cemetery and synagogue.

Between you and the Pálava Hills lies the “Moravian Grand Canyon” – a green valley of vineyards that promise excellent wines.