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SIS operates 16 bilingual day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil.From kindergarten through to secondary and college level, more than 3.400 students from both local and internationally mobile families are educated in Portuguese, English, German and French.

This item is usually found on the cover of the publications; c) adverts of publications in periodicals of the time – as these periodicals are dated, it is possible to establish a terminus post quem – the earliest date possible – for the issue date; d) adverts in other publications of the same company – the presence of lists of other publications by the same company is common, in the front or back cover.The changes on these lists can be used as a means to date where it occurs; e) catalogues of publications of the company – the dates of these catalogues allow for the establishment of a terminus post quem for dating a given publication; f) references to events or persons of a given time – dedications, changes in currency in which the publications are priced, library stamps, etc..Other more sophisticated items can also be used, according to the author: the type of technology applied to print – typography, engraving, lithography – the paper's watermark, type of notation, copyright date, etc.The study’s lack of bibliographic references only is regrettable, as it would facilitate the work of new researches. Editores, a Rio de Janeiro company responsible for the original publication of O Salutaris and Ave Maria had the procedure, not always systematic, of placing the date of publication together with the plate number.In the table below, we can see an outline of the correlation between plate numbers and the issue date, according to our research at National Library of Rio de Janeiro (Biblioteca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro ) and at Alberto Nepomuceno Library: Note the inconsistency in the correlation between the plate numbers in the years 19. The various circumstances that cause inconsistencies of the printing companies in relation to plate numbers are exemplified in detail by Krummel (19-64). The apparently oldest issue we have of this work’s publication (CMSRB-122/006) shows the address of the company as Rua dos Ourives 51 (currently Rodrigo Silva, in Rio de Janeiro city center), dating it thus between 1901, the original issue date and 1908 the latest date Vieira Machado was located at that address (Pequeno, 198).Following the likely sequence of events, we found a republication of this work in the period between 19 (CMSRB-122/004), period in which the company was located at Rua do Ouvidor 179 (Pequeno, 198), the address stated on the cover.

One should note that the original issue date is not stated, but the plate number remains in the core, as is the usual practice.

Let us note that reissuing is not common in the Brazilian editorial business, but occurs mainly in the transition from the 19 centuries, a phenomenon that resulted from the great strength of the editorial market at the time.

Let us take as examples the various publications of two works: a O Salutaris, by the engineer and composer from Paraíba, Abdon Milanez (1858-1927), of which we hold seven issues, and an Ave Maria by the composer Antônio Ferreira do Rego, of which we have five issues.

In addition to the Brazilian national college degree, our students also complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB).

With this dual qualification they are ideally prepared for continuing their education at a Brazilian or an international university.

SIS is a joint venture of Kalaidos Swiss Education Group and Klett Group Germany.