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Bangalor fack fack garls com - diamond consolidating the third wave democracies

While most of the phone numbers start with the country code, 92 (Pakistan), the postal addresses belong to the Muslim political organization Popular Front of India.

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Commuting to his place would have been extremely ‘tough’ for bride’s father after marriage.“I am dating my engineering class mate Aarti for past four years.

“We promptly reported it to the police but there has been no action,” said Naseeruddin a PFI activist.

Additional Commissioner of Police Alok Kumar confirmed that two men had been questioned but said, “A case has not been registered as we have not yet received a formal complaint.

”Sachin said, “He told me he is staying here for past 50 years.

His friend circle, relatives stay nearby, so he cannot change his place.

We will be filing a private complaint before the court with all the evidence in November.”While the pamphlet has been received as evidence of Love Jihad by those inclined to such a view, it has also amused those who have been following the politics of the PFI over the years.“Just like the Sangh Parivar, the PFI is also vehemently opposed to inter-religious marriages.

In Coastal Karnataka, PFI followers have often attacked Hindu-Muslim couples.Requested my parents to send the proposal to her family, to my utter disbelief, her father said a clear-cut NO.”“Look at the reason.Aarti’s father is saying he cannot give Aarti’s hand to someone like me who is staying more than twenty kilometers from his house and there is no alternate way other than crossing Silk Board Junction when one wants to visit my place,” said Sachin.“I went to Aarti’s house to convince him. He told me, “Sachin, I know you will keep my daughter happy. You spend lot of hours at office, so there will be no time to fight with my daughter.The affidavit lists a rate card: the highest reward of Rs 5 lakh is for marrying a Brahmin girl and the lowest, of Rs 1.5 lakh, is for a Buddhist girl."We the students of Muslim Youth Forum give a call to you to indulge yourself in love jihad mission for universe and global Islam,” says the pamphlet and provides a list of postal addresses, email IDs and phone numbers for further information.So we find hilarious that they are being accused of promoting such alliances.