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This causes him to miss his appointment with Diane Keaton.Cheryl hires an interior decorator, Carmen (Rose Abdoo), who also works for Diane.

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Larry wants to buy a bracelet for Cheryl, but he is not buzzed into the store because he is wearing his workout clothes and looks like a homeless person.Larry worries they have been uninvited to a Paul Simon concert because he reacted with disgust at lunch when he realized he had been drinking out of Mary's mother's glass.Larry and Cheryl are invited to retired porn star Gil Bang's (Bob Odenkirk) party after Larry misdials Gil by mistake.Richard then decides to buy it for his girlfriend instead, upsetting Cheryl.Larry and Richard Lewis help a blind man (Patrick Kerr) move into his apartment but he becomes belligerent and ungrateful.It is not long into the series though that we realize that Larry David is his own worst enemy.

He is accused of having an adultery-implying erection because of his extremely baggy trousers that bunch up when he sits down; feuding with a shoe salesman; getting blamed for a newspaper typo after submitting an obituary for Cheryl's aunt; reacting offensively to drinking from his friend's mother's glass; and unintentionally causing someone to believe that his uncle is an incestuous pedophile.

He fights with the interior designer at Diane's house and injures his finger again.

Back at the doctor's office, he races with the same woman to be able to sign in first, only to have her called in first because her appointment was first and they changed their policy based on his suggestion.

Also starring are Cheryl Hines as his wife, Cheryl; Jeff Garlin as his manager, Jeff; and Susie Essman as Jeff's wife, Susie.

Curb Your Enthusiasm often features guest stars, and many of these appearances are by celebrities playing versions of themselves fictionalized to varying degrees.

He pays the other attendant to give to the first attendant, but is later confronted in the parking garage by the first attendant, who doesn't believe his story.

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